Sunday, January 30, 2011


I was given an electric smoker for Christmas. In January I started trying it out.

My first attempt was a chicken. Easily acquired from the base commissary. I was also able to find some wood chips in the Four Seasons on base (a home furnishing type store - where Kristi got the smoker).

The bird was tasty. I would say it tasted as good as it looks in this picture.

I think I cooked it at an elevated temp. I'm still learning the secrets of the smoke.
Combine the cold temps (40's) with me not knowing the ins-and-outs of the new cooker combined for some quickly cooked meats. If you know anything about smoking meats, time is the variable and it should be long. Temps should be low and slow.

I've since then made it my mission to become an excellent smoker.

I cooked a Beef Top Loin the next week. This week it's a Pork Tenderloin.
I'm not sure when the kids will revolt, but until then each Sunday provides an opportunity to experiment.

Send us feedback if these pics are too grainy? I'm using the new method of posting pics. I have to significantly reduce the resolution of the photos to ease the strain on the upload bandwidth.

If you want to try some smoked have to come to Italy :)

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