Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Loaner

Until we can find a car worth buying (other than a Ferrari...there's a dealership just down the road) we've been mostly living off one car. For the first month that was not an issue. The Tiny Living Facility was on base and I could get by with a short walk to work. And Kristi did not really need to drive much anyway. She could walk for the daily run to the store. After we moved into the house that made single car life a little tougher. Kristi now had places to be for Home-school and Cinderella play practice. A friend had offered a loaner in the past, so I took him up on his offer.

Ain't she a beaut!!!

She's a 1984, Mercedes 240 Diesel. I finally have something that is older than our relationship. The odometer shows over 300,000 KM, but I think it's rolled over once already. She has some added features:

genuine imitation lambswool seat covers

a trunk that doesn't really lock (but leaks - and smells)

a flashy modern American radio that does not fit with the 20 year old german interior

some sort of small bottle of dark liquid hanging from the rear view mirror - K suggests it is the vial of Angelina Jolie's blood given to Billy Bob Thornton but then later discarded in some third world country

a hefty thumping in the power column at low RPMs - I keep expecting the entire power train to split apart some day

almost no power off the line...putt putt putt...I have to make sure there is plenty of room before I pull in front of Italian drivers

frost regularly forms on the windows...inside and out, since the seals on the car are so bad - all those ice shavings make my lammswool wet and dingy

the doors tend to freeze shut (same problem)

I'm starting to get attached to my terrorist yellow bomber car. I get all kinds of looks. It's great...I like to imagine it's the same looks I would get if I drove a red italian sportscar.

but the best part...she's free until I can find a ride for myself

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