Thursday, December 23, 2010

The First Will Be the Last

The final crate arrived today...wahoo! It was separated from the rest of our stuff somewhere along the way. That means the kids are finally sleeping in their own beds and not the stiff loaner temp beds from the base.

The coveted box 001 was also in this missing crate. Box 1 is usually the hardware box for shelves, beds, and tables. They do this to help you keep track of all those small screws and parts that would be lost in the sea of paper and over 300 boxes.

Unfortunately our movers wrecked their truck earlier in the day. I don't think our stuff was on it, but they had to scramble to get another truck (from their competition, another local moving company) to be able to deliver the stuff. They called me to let me know they were running late. A team of 4 showed up so they easily unloaded our stuff. Then three of them departed for another delivery (I'm sure they were late for) and left one behind to help me assemble tables and bunk beds. After a few beds he starts to tell the story of why they were late. His english is not very good, and he seems very chipper for having just crashed an expensive moving truck. Kristi commented that all the Italian drivers are crazy, he smiled and said "no, not me! The other truck driver was crazy," he said. He told us the other truck driver did not "respect me, so now my truck is caput!".

As we approach Christmas, it is fun to enjoy our family holiday traditions, in spite of the boxes, delivery dudes, and piles of things yet to organize. Kristi said she would do some baking today. She took turns with the kids to make dough for the Christmas Eve sugar cookies, then start the multi-day process for peppernuts, and most importantly, my favorite, my Grandmother's prune cake. We added some frosting this year - yummy!

The kids have had quite a day, excitement with the movers and then all the nervous energy building up towards Christmas. Thanks to the wonders of email I have found the old residents of this house and learned how to get some things working easily. Now we have the armed forces tv going and can watch some holiday parades and football. Yeah! It's great to have all our stuff and starting to make the house look like ours.

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