Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All

Our kids are all nestled all snug in their beds while visions of getting up at some horrid hour dance in their heads. It must be Christmas tomorrow.

We have had a nice Christmas Eve... We spent some of the day finishing our favorite Christmas goodies. Santa's cookies:

And peppernuts:

This evening we opted out of the Christmas Eve service, and spent time enjoying each other at home. After dinner the kids opened their p.j.'s (or as Lucy calls them, see-bays), and we read more of Tabitha's Travels, our advent read aloud.

This morning, Mary Beth came into our room and told us she had written a prayer that she wanted to read when we read Tabitha's Travels tonight. This is what she wrote (I've typed it just as she wrote it):

Dear God,
Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins and that we get to celabrate when your son was born. Help us remeber that Christmas is about you also help us remember that Christmas is about geting the most wonderful present of all and not all the other presents that we get at Christmas time. But also help us remember about you and have a great Christmas.

We had so much fun singing Christmas carols after Mary's prayer, that we all forgot to leave out the cookies for Santa we had made earlier in the day! Guess that means more for us tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

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