Saturday, December 18, 2010


First things first. For the grandparents: here is a picture of the kids in front of our house.

Now, on to one of the bajillion adaptations we are making in the new country. It has to do with our trash. Trash here has six separate categories. We have the glass, the plastics/cans, the paper, the yard waste, the food waste and the trash. Oh, and don't forget the batteries and toner cartridges. And it can all get very confusing. We have a 19 page handout with all the instructions.

Here is our first attempt at separating and sorting our trash.

We quickly realized we would need something not quite so unsightly, and I purchased a few trash cans, which Riley immediately labeled.

The only thing we can leave at the roadside by our house for collection is
the actual trash. And, we can only put it out when it is actually full. Additionally, from what we've been told, they will occasionally go through the trash to make sure you are not throwing things away that should be recycled in some other fashion. Oh, the pressure!

So, what do we do with the other items? Well, all over town are different colored bins to which we can take our things to discard. We have found a grouping of them just around the corner of our house, and behind some industrial buildings. The fact that these are not along the side of a road near all the crazy drivers is huge.

I love that one of the pictures to accompany the organic waste is fishbones. If you weren't sure whether or not to hold your breath before opening this container, now you know!

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