Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Casa di Gatlin

We moved from the Tiny Living Facility into our house!!!! wahoo!

Monday we received our temporary furniture and then Tuesday our unaccompanied baggage (fast small shipment - no furniture allowed) was delivered. To recap we have spent from 20 Oct until now in some state of temporary housing. And more to go, with our main house hold goods still "in transit". Not complaining just keeping score, because advice from a friend was, "you are in Italy, no whining!"

First funny story. We've been warned that the wiring and electrical system in the houses are dramatically different than what we expect from the US. Got it. 220 vs 110 v and 50 vs 60 hz. Yep! We were warned that we will eventually blow a fuse and the whole house will go black, sounds like normal Christmas in the Gatlin household. On the first day when we turned the power on the radiators warmed and the fans attached to them spun up easily. I did notice a slight burning smell in the kitchen but figured it was just dust clearing out the first time you use a heater in the winter. It smelled slightly like burning plastic, but was not enough to alarm me. Kristi lit some expensive yankee candles and we pressed on. Advance to tuesday morning (we arrive early from TLF eagerly awaiting our stuff). I go around and adjust the radiator fans to warm things up. 30 minutes or so later - POW. Breaker's blown. Hmmmm I don't have anything plugged in and only a few lights on. This could be very bad if the house can't handle its own heating system. I run to the panel and reset the switch. When I come back up from the basement, Kristi shows me the smoke coming from the kitchen radiator. That would explain the burning plastic smell. I remove the cover from the radiator and begin to inspect. I'm a man and it's my duty to reconcile all radiator issues. Christmas Story anyone?

I don't see any black or burnt parts. So I cycle the fan switch some more. KA-POW. Sparks (small flame) and no more power. Yep I found the problem. How does this window open? Need to let the smoke out.

Just to top it off. Wednesday is an Italian holiday. No way to get that worked on. But all is not lost. The radiator still works, just no blower.

All kidding aside, Tuesday was the first night in the house. New sleeping arrangements for the kids. Odds by themselves and evens together.

It has a good kitchen. Great by Italian standards.

It has a large porch

And a great yard for the kids

Here's a shot of the front.

The house was definitely built in the 70's and has all the tiles to prove it. But it is big enough for us and has some room for the kids to run outside. And it is close to work!

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