Monday, September 26, 2011

Friendship Festival

Annually, a local city hosts a Friendship Festival for the Italians and Americans.  It coincides with September 11, and includes some sporting events, official functions, food and performances.

This year Maniago was the city that hosted.  They had, on display, some bikes from the 1940's.  These bikes ranged from the bread delivery, fish delivery, gas delivery, newspaper delivery, to the you-name-it delivery.  Really there were all kinds.

There was even a firefighter bike.

And then they had on display some current fire engines--what's a festival without a firetruck, right!
I'm not sure how these trucks actually navigate these Italian streets!
We enjoyed some typical Italian fare, pasta, bread, meat, cheese, and wine for dinner.  These are the hats the guys who served the food wore.  Awesome, no?

And then we wandered the city square,

watched some performances, and chatted with friends (it was a friendship festival after all), before finding a gelaterria for the perfect ending to our evening.

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