Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lippizaner Stallions

On our drive back home, we stopped in Lipica, Slovenia, for a tour of the famous Lippizaner Stallion stud farm--dating to the 1500's.

The breed, created right here at the stud farm, has seven family names that all the horses can be traced to, and by which all are named.

Our tour included seeing some of the mares used for carriage rides.

They have a few ponies (not Lippizaner, obviously) for amusement/child rides, including this 7 month old pony that Lucy especially liked since he was just her size.

We also got to see the stallions used in their performances.

They live quite the kingly life in this stable built in the 1700's.

We spent a few minutes walking down the line of stalls and visiting with the horses.

It was really a peaceful and beautiful place to spend a few hours.

Riley's eager to come back here--I don't blame her.

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