Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Several years ago, our very special niece Sarah passed down one of her Bitty Babies to Mary Beth.  Mary Beth loved this baby instantly and named her Lauren.

Mary Beth loved Lauren and did lots of things with her.  She even brought her to meet Lucy in the hospital

Eventually Mary got her own American Girl doll and Lauren was lovingly placed in Lucy's arms.

Lucy loved her instantly, too.  But since she couldn't say Lauren, she called the baby Way-war.  Lucy took very good care of Way-war.  She dressed her in the morning and changed her into pajamas regularly at night.  She spent many waking and sleeping hours with her.

As with most children, eventually Way-war got hurt, and all the love in the world was not going to mend her boo-boo.  So we asked Lucy if we should send her to the hospital so the doctors could check on her and fix her broken arm.

Lucy gave her a big hug and kiss before packing her up carefully in a box.

It was a long four weeks while Lauren/Way-war was at the hospital.  Lucy asked about her often, and she nearly jumped out of her skin the night the doctor called to say she was ready for surgery and would be well soon.

And then the day finally arrived--a special package delivered to our box number.

What a happy reunion!  LOVE.

p.s.  Lucy can now say Lauren, but she prefers to call the baby Way-war.

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