Sunday, February 26, 2012

"But It's a Musical!"

(Bonus points if you know what movie/show the title is quoting.)

We just finished experiencing Aviano Community Theater's latest kids' production, The Jungle Book Kids.  The older girls both auditioned for the play and were originally cast as elephants.  We spent about 6-8ish weeks in rehearsals--Cory is especially glad it's all over.  Rehearsals were boring for him.

Before all was said and done, the girls were also flowers and monkeys...multi-talented children, no doubt.   Although, if you ask me, I think the additional parts were a bit of typecasting--sweet and silly girls!

The costumes were pretty impressive.  Here are some shots from the performances--before, during and after.

backstage before the final show

Opening number

Doing what they do best..."acting" like monkeys

What a costume! 

Another great experience for them.  They've both said it was their favorite production they've done.
taking their bows

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