Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's 7pm...what's going on?

As I sat at the table and ate my dinner tonight (I was eating by myself because an exercise has me working late hours) I thought it might be neat to publish a quick post for everyone of what was happening in the house around 7pm.  Our life is not always exciting travel to exotic locations, although that is what we normally post on the site.  Sometimes life just happens around here - so here are some pictures from around the house at 7pm (ish).

Kristi was reading to Lucy on the couch.
Mary was enjoying her newest ipod touch.  She saved up for quite some time and completed many many chores to have enough money.  It also helped that a friend was selling a slightly used model.  She had just bathed and was sporting the big hair towel and the monkey robe.
Cory was finishing up some school work.  He was playing/learning by doing some on-line activities that matched a book he was reading.  Note the $5 bill that just arrived from Grandpa and Grandma G for Valentine's day.  He was excited about the card and money.
Riley was in the I had to make sure to only catch her face.

 The picture of Lucy and Kristi is my favorite...someday soon she will be all grown up and not be so excited for stories from Mom.  That's the image that first made me want to capture the goings on of the family.

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