Saturday, March 10, 2012

School Work

Here are some recent photos of the kids doing and sharing various school assignments.

Class:  Co-op Cooking
Assignment:  Use fresh ground flour to make something interesting.

Mary used her flour to make homemade pretzels:

Riley used her flour to make sugar cookies:

I think she had an ulterior motive; I think she really wanted to decorate some cookies:

Class:  Preschool
Assignment:  Complete various Dr. Seuss hands on activities to correlate with books by Dr. Seuss

Lucy enjoyed having green eggs and ham omelets after reading Green Eggs and Ham:

I took the opportunity to teach the three oldest kids how to make omelets...hopefully this will pay off for me in the near future:

Lucy also got to experiment with Oobleck (a.k.a. a non-Newtonian fluid) after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck:

Class:  Anatomy
Assignment:  Determine if building muscles in fingers will improve the speed at which you can write your name.

The kids are spending part of everyday opening and closing a clothespin for 60 seconds, and then graphing their results:

Class:  Science/Writing/Reading
Assignment:  Complete a Lapbook on Raptors/Birds of Prey using what you learn from reading various books on the topic.

Cory took a very long time to finish this project, but he was finally able to share his work with his Dad:

A glimpse into their school work!

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