Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Ski School"

This winter we gave up basketball for the middle two sport fanatics so that we could have weekends available for ski lessons at nearby Piancavallo.

Our original plan to have someone else teach them didn't pan out like we thought it would, and at the last minute Ted became their instructor...

They/We were only able to go up to the mountain three weekends, but the kids definitely got a wide variety of experiences.

Cory initially wanted to learn how to snowboard, but after two weeks of trying that, decided that skiing might be better--his sisters seemed to be doing much better than he was, and he got frustrated.  It was funny to watch him go down on skis the first time--he fell frequently and was initially very frustrated, but soon was excited to show me his progress.

One weekend, they drove up the mountain in the snow, and had to stop to get chains on the van.

Cory and Mary took up management positions in a niche in the mountain while their Daddy worked.

This was their second weekend to ski, and they got to experience skiing in fresh powder!  It offered a soft place to land.  But Cory complained that it made it even harder to get up when he fell with the board.

The last weekend they went up was questionable conditions--it had been warm and springy for a while at this point.  But we all went up, and Lucy found a place to sled--sort of.  It was kind of like sledding on moguls for her.

As always, there was hot cocoa.

The next day, Ted, Cory and Riley went back and went on the big lifts for the first time.  They seemed to like that.  

Looking forward to more skiing next year!!

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