Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fake Out Foods!

For her birthday, Mary Beth received a cookbook called Fake Out Foods.  She's been incredibly excited to try some of the recipes out ever since.  Finally, a couple of weekends ago we made some corn dogs...or did we?

They were yummy... just ask Riley or our friend Kenny.
It never fails, I always seem to capture pictures of Riley when she's just taken a bite of food!  Instead of waiting for her to chew and swallow, though, Kenny took a big ol' bite and insisted I take the picture! 

Of course, when you start with brownies, and cover them in a peanut butter/powdered sugar dough, it's kind of hard to go wrong.
Ignore the fact that they kind of start to look like things you must clean up after if you own a dog...

We were simultaneously making the "corn dogs," while skyping and playing Headbandz with the gift giver
What a great trick to play on all your friends.  I'm sensing an April Fool's Day tradition of "Corn Dogs."

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