Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will You Be My


We hosted a party for other friends who also homeschool.  The kids decorated boxes and exchanged Valentine cards.  It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of cute boxes!  Love Boats, Monsters, Heart Extravaganzas...

Here we are with our boxes fully loaded:

Riley made a dog house--the girl doesn't miss an opportunity to remind us of her heart's desire!  And she gave fortune cookies.

Mary made a Ciao Bella purse, and she gave friendship bracelets.

Cory made a guitar, and he gave guitar wrapped lollipops.

Lucy made a castle (yes, she plans to be a princess when she grows up) and gave a homemade rainbow crayon.

Every Valentine they gave was an idea from Pinterest (although, Riley found her idea independently in her American Girl magazine, meanwhile I had already pinned the same idea in Pinterest with Riley in mind).

Today I gave the kids "heart attacks" on their bedroom doors, Ted gave them each a card suited just for them, we gave them some more candy, just in case they hadn't gotten enough at the party, and we enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants followed by individual containers of ice cream for each of us at home.  Yummy!
It's always fun to celebrate!

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