Saturday, August 23, 2008

God Bless The Razorbacks

We are back from the big trip. 10 Days in Arkansas. I was dreading the heat, but it turns out we timed the visit very well. We had pleasant temps most of the time. That was a good thing since our rental van was black - ugh!!

We were able to spend time with all the major relatives...I say major - because you know it is Arkansas and in some way we are related to all our neighbors - right?

I was surprised that many of the family members did not ask me much about the deployment. I'm not sure if they felt uneasy in some way or just were not that interested. I expected a fair amount of quizzing...but it never happened.

One of the funniest parts of the trip for me was a Sunday sermon in a local church. Kristi and I had never been to this church before. We attended because a friend had recently become the Pastor. The funny thing to me was the sermon started with a reference to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks sports team. It triggered some memories for me and I realize that many sermons in Arkansas start with some Hog reference. I also compared it to other places we have been...and they all had some "local flavor" to kick things off as well. In OH it was always about the Buckeyes and then here in Mass the Red Sox and Patriots are a regular lead in as well. So as odd as some may think the Razorback fans are...the same kind of devotion exists in all parts of the country.

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