Thursday, August 7, 2008

Locks of Love

Kristi has been letting her hair grow out very very long. At some point while I was deployed she convinced daughter Riley to grow her hair out as well. They decided to cut their hair and donate it to a charity (more on that in the future). Today was the big day to get K’s hair cut (R wisely cut her hair before camp in June). K scheduled the appointment with her friend Katharine. Kristi had not had a haircut in over a year so not only was this a big deal, but it was her first appointment with this hairdresser so there’s a whole set of issues I can’t even begin to understand.

Let me just say I think her new hair is AWESOME. I knew she was going to cut it and I was just praying she did not come home in tears…”oh it was awful…the stylist was this or that…my hair…blah blah.” Well Praise GOD that did not happen. She loves the new hair. I think it helped that one of the neighbors in the circle said it was “flirty.” I think it totally rocks. I took her out to dinner to celebrate.

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