Friday, August 1, 2008

Names are important

Now that I am back and I have continued to update the Blog, I think it is important to change the name. I've been considering the change for some time. Kristi is a big part of this story and she needs to be recognized in the title as well. Otherwise you just think it is all me. I'm not sure what the final name will be, but for now I'll take a stab at it. I'll keep the AFTED web address becuase that is fun. But the new name...the jury is still out so send in any comments or suggestions.

Today was a big day getting back into the swing of normal things. K went out for lunch with a friend. I had all the kids for a couple of hours. Oh my - I have no idea how she did it for 6 months. She (my wife) is so much more of an angel than I can even describe. I should go buy her flowers tomorrow. Part two of the day - She also has a scrapbooking event at the church tonight. I stayed home and paid bills.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I keep forgetting to tell you. Look up Chaplain Jeremy Bastian. He was our neighbor when we were at USAFA and is at Hanscom now. Great family. If nothing else look him up on the global and shoot me his address and I'll electronically introduce you to each other. Cheers, Jeffy