Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kristi's TDY

For those of you unfamiliar with military lingo and acronyms, TDY is the phrase for business trips that Ted takes. I think it means something like Temporary Duty, although I could be very wrong on that. Anyway, when I get to go out of town we joke that I have a TDY. Well, this is my weekend for a TDY while I get together with my 3 best friends from college. We meet about once a year at one person's home, and this year it's in Little Rock. So, within a week of being in Arkansas visiting the family, I'm in Arkansas again. Only this time I got to fly here without children. I enjoyed listening to other mom's manage their children in the airport and on the plane--"Johnny, we should go to the restroom now before we get on the plane, because we'll have much more room here." "Shhhhhhhhh." These are all phrases I didn't have to say. I'm sure it sounds a bit evil, but I was just so glad that it wasn't me. I rather enjoyed reading an entire book on my two flights, and not worrying about stopping at restrooms in the terminal or quieting a fussy baby on the plane. Ahhhhh. It's almost as though Calgon was taking me away. I'm most looking forward to tomorrow morning when no one but my own body clock wakes me up. I'm sure Ted's side of the story would be much more interesting, since he's the one left managing our angels.

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