Monday, September 1, 2008

TDY cont'd

My weekend in Arkansas was fun. My friends and I headed out Saturday morning to a nail salon for pedicures. We wait our turns to get a chair, and when it's my turn I slide into the chair and dip my feet into the warm water. What happened next I was not completely prepared for. The person who sat in front of me to do my pedicure was a man—I don't know why this was disconcerting to me exactly, but it just seemed a little too, I don't know, weird. I'm not exactly a foot person, so when I imagine a man massaging my feet it's usually Ted. It didn't help that he was a mostly cute, friendly, normal looking kind of guy. So I spend most of my pedicure trying to relax by not remembering who's sloughing dead skin off my feet and commenting on possible corns. Then he's kind enough to offer a free design on my toes—so now I have a guy painting flowers and sticking sequins on my toes. It just seemed weird. Not surprisingly, my friends got a huge kick out of it.

One of my girlfriends and I spent a good portion of Saturday playing the other two of our friends off of each other while we were secretly planning a bridal shower for one and buying a birthday gift for the other. Each of those two friends thought they were being helpful by sneaking off to do something for the other (each knew about the other's surprise), but ultimately we were preparing stuff for her as well. Thankfully we were successful in pulling off both—we had a great wedding shower Saturday afternoon, and surprised the other late Sunday night with the birthday present.

A highlight of the weekend was floating the Buffalo River on Sunday. I had done this once before as a kid with my family, although I remember it only because I've been told about it, really. It might interest some of you to know that while in college I took a canoeing course to fulfill my Physical Education requirement. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, too, so really I offered no expertise in the matter. Canoeing is great, though, because you really need no expertise on a peaceful river, and we enjoyed a few hours together just paddling and relaxing in the warm sun.

The weekend is now over, sadly, and we'll be getting back into the groove of school beginning on Tuesday. Summers are much too short!

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Smarta said...

Don't be a lily dipper, Kristi! :)
Love from one of the friends that got played on Saturday.