Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are we a bad influence?

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Not only is our 2 year old demanding Dr. Pepper, but apparently Dr. Pepper is an official color in our house--why it's not in the crayola box I'm not sure. Certain Lego bricks are Dr. Pepper bricks. Can you tell which ones are red and which are Dr. Pepper?

Today I was helping Mary Beth sort some of the clean laundry. I mentioned to her that the blue, pink and white cloths were washcloths and that the yellow and green ones were kitchen rags. She then informed me that we also had Dr. Pepper wash cloths. Not remembering any cloths with Dr. Pepper on them, I wondered what she was referring to, but then I remembered these.

And if that wasn't proof enough of the influence Dr. Pepper has on our family, we renamed the mud room in our home. Instead, we call it the Dr. Pepper room. If our kids grow up liking any other drink it will be a disgrace.


Ben Outlaw (aka: MoTexOutlaw) said...

As I said in my blog, man cannot live on peanut butter alone, he must also have okra. And that goes for Dr. Pepper also. The official drink of Texas.

Uncle Ben

wildcatfanal said...

Love it! I can't see Dr. Pepper stuff and not think of you. It is part of your family identity - gives you something to bond over. It is good.