Sunday, November 15, 2009

Men's Challenge: Shooting

I recently held my November Men's Challenge Event. We went shooting at the Westford Sportsmen's Club. I asked guys who had guns to come out and share with those who have either never fired a gun or just don't get the chance very often. I had over 20 guys respond and show up for the event. The pistol and rifle ranges were both reserved for our group. One of the guys who helped me set up the Kayak event is a certified range/safety officer for the club. He helped me get permission from the club and get things set up.

We had all types of handguns, shotguns, hunting rifles, a few show pieces, and even an AR-15 (semi-auto) military style rifle. I made sure we had safety gear - ear and eye protection - for everybody. We set up some paper targets plus some clays, milk jugs, cans, and pumpkins.

We had fun making loud noises and destroying some stuff.

If you remember my challenge events, the focus is for guys to grow together with a "manly" activity and then have a few minutes of discussion. The lesson for the day - WORDS. The Bible tells us in many places that words and how we use them are very important. So much so that a verse tells us Jesus is the WORD. The link to shooting? Well just like a bullet with the power to destroy or defend, words have power. You must be careful with your words. Like the bullet, after you pull the trigger you cannot call words back. The impact is real and lasting. We shared how sometimes we don't use our words as well as we could. I received plenty of positive feedback from the guys and from the church.

I had a great time. I was able to shoot many different weapons, hang out with some guys and build some new friendships. It rocked!

Next up - Remote Control Palooza.

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