Friday, November 27, 2009

Plymouth Rocks

I think most of us can't help but think of Pilgrims and American Indians (and who can forget the little black construction paper hats and vests made out of paper bags?) when we think of Thanksgiving. This year we spent our Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Wampanoags at Plimoth Plantation just outside of Plymouth, MA. We went there with Brad, Amanda and Clara to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner and visit the Plantation. We weren't the only ones--there were a LOT of people there.

We first visited the Wampanoag Homesite, watching some of the interpreters demonstrate various traditional tasks. The most disgusting, by far was the discussion of how they would soften the deer hide, once she had cleaned off all the membrane--with the deer's brain.

We proceeded to the room for our dinner where we made our way to table #20.
After all were seated, the hosts announced that each table would draw a number which would then determine the order we would go to the buffet. Ours was the second table to pick a number. We gave Mary Beth the honors--she drew #1!!! Rock on, Mary Beth.
So, we headed up to the table and were served turkey, roast sirloin, vegetable soup, salad, dressing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls, cranberry was all very delightful.
The apple cider was delicious. The apple pie was not as good as my friend Katharine's.

After lunch, we followed the trail to the English Village. There we saw the animals--top on the list for Clara and Lucy. We also watched the English men demonstrate their musket shooting to the Wampanoags, who had come to "visit,"
and peeked into several of the homes. I completely failed to get a photo of our family while we were there...what a tragedy.

Finally, we drove into Plymouth to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II. We were 15 minutes too late to board the ship for a looksie.

It was a fun way to spend Thanksgiving. Next year I would like to try the "Harvest Dinner with the Pilgrims" option...but I won't count on that actually feeding us. With a menu including Fricassee of Fish and Stewed Pompion, among other original Thanksgiving foods, I'm not sure my kids will actually eat anything. I guess that wouldn't be much different from this Thanksgiving, though.

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What a fun and unique way to spend Thanksgiving!