Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So, What's It Like?

Many of you are wondering what the homeschooling thing is like for us and how it is going. Here's a glimpse into our lives in photos.

Although we can be seen doing our work in any number of places, we are often in the playroom/schoolroom/guestroom--it's cozy to say the least, but we're doing our best to make it work.

We especially enjoy a great group of other homeschoolers right on our Circle. This affords us a unique opportunity to do "class projects" like these
The papier-mache pumpkins


You've no doubt seen in past posts some of the planned field trips we've taken, but we also get to take some impromptu field trips like this one to watch a house get demolished just down the street from us.

One morning the kids worked together to make ice cream according to the directions in Mary Beth's reading assignment

By far, though, some of the sweetest moments are these:
Riley reading to Cory and Lucy

Cory reading to the ladies--Lucy and her friends

Lucy, still in her pj's, reading

The journey is just beginning.

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wildcatfanal said...

Thanks for sharing snapshots of your day. It looks like it will be a great journey. Very inspiring.