Sunday, December 6, 2009

8 Thumbs Up

Some dear friends sent us a book for Advent last year called Jotham's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide. It had nightly readings for the season of Advent, telling the story of a young boy named Jotham, and our family loved it. Nearly every night it left us hanging, wondering what would happen next.
This year, we must thank those friends again for sending us Ytreeide's 2nd Advent story called Bartholomew's Passage. Only 1 week into Advent, and we're all eager to learn what will happen to Bartholomew, who is in a heap of trouble already. Again, the daily reading often ends right when we're all at the edges of our seats. The kids have asked us to keep reading the next day's chapter, and tonight Mary Beth asked "Why do they have to do that? Why can't they tell us what happens next?" We've also enjoyed matching up some of the characters in the story to real life characters in the Bible, and seeing some of the familiar friends from last year's story. The kids also think it's cool that we light the Advent wreath candles--and we've established the ever-important rotation for blowing out the candles...
We treasure this sweet family time together every night before bed. Hopefully old Arnie has another story or two in him for the upcoming years!


Jen Guyer said...

Those are fun books! We enjoyed reading through them too. We keep wishing there were more. Would love to have some like them for Lent.

wildcatfanal said...

I just had to pick up the Jotham story today at the Christian book store. :)