Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Part 1

Kristi has been wanting to build a candyland village as our outside Christmas decorations for a few years. In the past I've resisted and usually just pushed for the standard "lights on the bushes" theme. This year around Thanksgiving I was doing some woodwork for a racetrack (Men's Challenge Ministry - R/C Palooza - blog coming soon), and she mentioned again something about gingerbread designs from wood. And so the adventure begins creating the candy castle.

I was borrowing a rotary cutting tool from a friend that I decided would be very useful for the candy cutouts. You can see Cory in the background. He was busy collecting the sawdust - he considered it quite the treasure. Kristi even got into the act cutting some gumdrop designs - does that make her Queen Frostine?

Here's Cory and Mary showing off the final cuts.

As you might expect such a drastic change in "holiday decoration theme" from our standard string of lights on the bushes requires multiple trips to craft stores, Ace Hardware, and I'm sure some other stores I'll find out about the next time I balance the checkbook. We "needed" paints, glitter, enamel coatings, hinges, extension cords and spotlights. I guess I should be thankful. The lollipop decorations on the windows were purchased last year after the season on clearance...maybe she's sneakier than I realize. Of course we did have to buy another set that is a multicolored light up version to accent the sidewalk (at full price) this year since we made the change.
Here's a pic after powdered sugar has been added. God blessed us with our first real snowfall of the season tonight.

Next up some trees for Peppermint Forest?

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