Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who let the Dawgs out?!?!?

Hockey - who da'thunk it. Some silly rednecks like us enjoying a hockey game. I'm not sure I even understand the rules. It's like soccer on ice, kick the thing in the goal but you use a stick instead of your foot. What are the rules for contact...that's not important just enjoy the show. Last night we enjoyed our 2nd annual outing to Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA, for a Devil's hockey game. The base had organized some seats in a private "box" to enjoy the game. We paid the the premium to enjoy the game from the luxury of our secluded, comfortable, padded seats, private wait staff service, and a visit from the Dawg himself. But I'll get to that part later.

The irony of this "family" event is not lost on Kristi and me. We take all the kids to watch the "devils" play a game. Surely we could think of something more appropriate for the day after celebrating Christ's birth. Regardless, Cory could not be more excited. My son who is a chip off the old block in terms of being shy seems to love this game. He's not into hitting, but in some weird way likes to watch this craziness. Although he is confused about being a Devil's fan. He thinks he likes all Boston teams - so the Bruin's being the local team is too much for him since we go see the Devils. He doesn't get the major-minor league thing. That's okay - he's 6. He was super excited that one of the Devil's players was named Cory (and he scored a goal). Later Cory mentioned he did not want to play hockey - because they loose their teeth and then have to eat soup all the time. Kristi was relieved to hear those details.
Back to the irony. Kristi paying to see violence. Here's a pic of the end of the one good fight of the night. Each guy took a few swings to size the other up, then "bing" the Providence guy played some chin music with a beautiful right cross on the Devil player. He went right to the ice.

It was a special promo night where they handed out Devil Dawg banks at the door. You can imagine the excitement for all 4 kids...and 2 parents who had to lug them around afterwards. K's dad would be proud that they are labeled as "Collector's" series items.

Lucy warmed up to the event because it was D-Dawg's birthday. All his mascot friends were there to entertain. Lucy spent the night keeping up with them (and not the game). Here she's pointing out some silly tree frog mascot across the arena.

Eventually D-Dawg came to pay us a private visit in the box. Apparently he was smitten with K, because he planted a big smooch on her cheek. I then took a mugshot to report him for assault.

Some food was included in our premium box seat prices, but for the good stuff, fried dough, we had to order out. Finger-licking-good. Yum.

Lucy eventually learned she could lean on the table and see over the entire arena. She spent a considerable amount of time "counting" players. She can only count to 7 or 8 so she kept having to start over.

The kids reminded us we had been at D-Dawgs birthday last year so apparently it is now a Christmas tradition.

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