Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Open House

Come on in, we're having an Open House today. Can I get you some spiced cider? Help yourself to some peppernuts and explore our home.

You may know that I really enjoy Santas. I think it might be because he's so RED. This is the Santa Village. My parents got this for me a long, long time ago. It has Kringle Toy Mfg, The Cocoa Shack, Stables for the reindeer, the Elf house, as well as Santa's house. The kids like moving the little elves around and rearranging the scenes.

I often get Santas as gifts. There are many displayed on shelves around the house. This guy was given to me by Ted. He bought it in the Czech Republic several years ago. And the cute Santa cubes were given to me by a dear friend.

I have two Santas worshiping the Christ child. This one:

And this guy that I got for my birthday this year. I have an ornament identical to this one as well. You can find it on our tree.

And here are the stockings where Santa delivers our presents. They're not any sort of heirloom--just pretty, bright colors.

Another favorite item in our house is the Nativity set Ted purchased in Bethlehem.
I saw this beautiful set during my college trip to Israel but couldn't afford it on a college budget. Several years later, when Ted was working with the Israeli's in the F-15 office he had an opportunity to take a trip there. I did my best to describe the nativity set I wanted and hoped he'd have a chance to get to Bethlehem and know what I was describing. He did, and I love it!

And last, but not least, here are the sweetest things we have in our house. :)

Merry Christmas!

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