Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Day Fun

I don't know if you've noticed this about me or not, but I'll take any excuse to celebrate. So although I'm not Irish, the fun of wearing green and worrying about trickster leprechauns is always worth it. Those leprechauns did not disappoint, either. Again, this year our milk was GREEN when we got downstairs in the morning.
The weather was cooperative, too, so we spent a lot of school in recess. I opened up the brand new sidewalk chalk for everyone to color with--rainbows with pots of gold, shamrocks and eventually a city filled the circle. The kids spent the afternoon riding their bikes on the "road," stopping at the "airport," or going to their "jobs," all drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, driveways and road.
The big kids played with the big box of chalk, and Lucy got to use the box of big chalk. And while we're talking about Lu, check out that combination of greens. Whoa.

One of my friends is equally enthusiastic about celebrating. Perhaps even more so!
We ended the day with Irish Beef Stew, Irish Soda Bread, Jell-O jigglers cut out in the shape of shamrocks, and our family tradition -- Leprechaun Fizz. This is perhaps the St. Patrick's Day highlight for the kids. A simple beverage, that proves hard to produce. Lime sherbet, the key ingredient, is not so easy to find--at least not here. After four stores I was finally able to locate Key Lime frozen yogurt to substitute. A little Ginger Ale on top, and it's an official Ceilidh.
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