Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stars Wars and Hockey?

We made a trek to the Lowell Devils Hockey game on Fri night. It was an odd combination...bobble-head doll night, Air Force Night and Star Wars character night. It was great for my kids but a little crazy if you ask me. I took the three old kids as well as a couple of neighbor kids.
We made it to the arena well before the game started and got our food and settled in for a fun time.

I was the lone adult with the group so every time we needed a bathroom break or more food - I had to make the run. One of the kids was old enough to take them, but I didn't want to burden him too much with the kids.

Lots of fun characters were there...Darth Vader and a tie-fighter pilot

A storm trooper

Some Jedi Knights

Some bounty hunters and more imperial forces.

And my personal favorite -Chewbacca. The Chewy guy even had the wookie groan down pretty well.
The base organized a party room before the game with pizza, subs, and soda for an extra fee on each ticket. I decided not to buy those tickets and instead just purchased seats. By the time I ordered soda, pizza, dogs, and more - I think I would have saved money with their deal.
Oh well. The kids had a great time! BTW - the devils lost 4-2, and the fights were only so-so.

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