Friday, March 5, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End

More important than what is visible in the following picture is what is not visible in it.
Freedom Rink is closed. We had too many days of warm weather. Unfortunately when I say warm, I don't actually mean spring-is-almost-here-buds-are-about-to-bloom-warm, I simply mean it was above 32 and below 40. Which was all it took. This season was considerably easier to empty than last year--mostly because it was so melted, Ted was able to set up a siphoning system to drain the water. Last year it was a whole neighborhood event pushing out the slush one afternoon. This time Ted set up the hose on a Friday and by Saturday afternoon he was able to disassemble the frame.
Now we are in negotiations to turn the ice rink frame boards into a Ga-Ga frame.

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