Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip Chapter 5: Going Gaga for Ga-Ga

Ga-Ga is dodge ball with a twist. According to Wikipedia it originated in Israel and can be loosely translated to mean "hit." Riley has told us about this game--she learned it in Sunday School where they play it. While visiting our friends in Ohio they decided to build a Ga-Ga pit (they had played it at the Ohio Sate Fair), and since we knew what Ga-Ga was, we were happy to help. Ga-Ga is played in an octagonal "pit" where a player hits the ball with his palm or fist. If you're hit with the ball from the knee or below you are out. If you hit the ball twice in a row without the ball hitting something else (either an opponent or the sides of the pit) you are out. The last player standing wins. We've had a lot of fun playing it this week, and I'm debating whether or not we should make one ourselves as one of our first homeschool projects. I think the kids in the Circle would have a lot of fun playing the game together, and I know building it would provide multiple learning opportunities for us as well.

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