Friday, August 14, 2009

Road Trip Chapter 2

"Kids, back in the ol' days we didn't have these fancy movie players and what nots. We entertained ourselves by looking at the window. And we liked it."

I think part of the reason my kids look forward to a road trip is for the movies. We only use the built in DVD player for long trips, so they were eager to start the vegging. Lucky for them, Grandma brought several new DVD's for the kids, and they wasted no time watching them.
Lest my kids completely rot their brains during a road trip, we do have movie time outs, during which they like to play a few car games like road trip bingo that we print out at home and enjoy the surprises we pack in their car tins purchased especially for our big trips. I usually fill the tins with a few small things they can do, but the kids are most thrilled with the gum and candy they find in there.
We made it to Beavercreek! Yea!

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