Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rite of Summer III: Road Trip Chapter 1

The kids and I headed out this morning for our summer road trip to Ohio. We took this trip last summer and had a lot of fun. So as summer approached this year, the kids assumed we'd be doing it again. Here we are ready to push off this morning...can you see the Mickey D's sweet tea next to my seat? An iceless tea purchased the night before meant we could leave without an initial pit stop!

You know it's a road trip when you have to stop for gas. We had to make just one stop today--for lunch and gas. Gas prices this year are sure a lot better than last summer's trip.

We arrived in Buffalo and checked into our hotel--with a swimming pool, of course! Before long the kids were doing some synchronized jumping. Hopefully it was enough playtime to be ready for bed tonight.

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