Monday, April 19, 2010

STS--Disney: Day 1 Animal Kingdom

We arrive in Orlando after a few days at the beach and prepare to visit our first Disney Park on Saturday. We begin our adventure at Animal Kingdom. First stop is the Safari ride that will take us past the animal habitats. We see rhinos, elephants, zebras, crocodiles,'s a good start. Or so we think. Once we get off of this "ride," we decide to stroll through some of the Gorilla habitat. This makes Cory less than happy. He lets us know quite plainly that "this is not what I expected! When will we ride roller coasters?"
At this point, he was clearly NOT impressed with Disneyworld. After seeing the gorillas, we oblige Cory and head towards Animal Kingdom's only thrill ride. Somehow Cory meets the size requirements for Expedition Everest. Lucy, Riley and I hang back while Ted, Mary Beth and Cory get in line. I see one of the descents and turns that they're about to take and begin to wonder if Cory should really be on this ride. They come out of it all with their eyes as big as saucers. It had some unexpected thrills, even for Ted. But they seemed to all enjoy it and were eager for more. Unfortunately for Cory, that would be about it in terms of "rides" at Animal Kingdom. There was one other ride, similar to Magic Kingdom's Dumbo that he could go on, but it paled in comparison. However, he seemed okay with it, now that he had ridden his first real roller coaster.
We took in a couple of 3-D shows, which were frightening to Lucy, even though she didn't wear the special glasses. However, she loved the parade, and spent the whole time waving to all of the characters who came by--distance is good.

She also enjoyed identifying the enormous and beautiful puppets that were part of the parade. Some of the puppeters had a hard job, if you ask me.

While here, we were also able to say hello to a few characters. We chatted with Jiminy Cricket

and Pluto, who was obviously very tickled--I bet Mary Beth was tickling him--look, she even looks guilty. It was a good first day, even if it got off to a rocky start. Besides all this, we also saw a Komodo Dragon (which, strangely enough, had come up in our school work last month a couple of times) and dug for "dinosaur bones." And when all was said and done, we were all bone tired ourselves. Time to rest up for tomorrow--MAGIC KINGDOM!

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