Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GATLIN STS Day 4 (before the launch)

Our trip to watch the shuttle launch put us on the road on Easter morning. Some of our traditional activities were difficult to do, but we did try to mark the day with a few special activities that we could take on the road. We started the morning making Resurrection buns for breakfast.
Mary's "tomb" is ready to go in the pan and be baked.
While our resurrection buns baked we had an Easter egg hunt in the condo. We had to be a little creative with our Easter "baskets" since there wasn't really room in the van for them. So, a couple of sand buckets, Daddy's hat, and an activity box did the trick.
The kids were very excited. To make it easy for them, they each have a certain egg color to find...we hide Lucy's fairly obviously and Riley's are hidden well.
After opening all their eggs and discovering the Easter Bunny brought them money for souvenirs it was time to check on our Resurrection bun "tombs." Before they ate them, I gave each kid the most valuable egg of the bunch and had them all open it at the same time...
Like the Resurrection buns, this egg was empty. He is risen!
Then, it seemed like a fun idea to go hang out at the beach for a few hours.

After that we headed to a Wal-Mart for some last minute things we would need for the launch, and then, as I mentioned yesterday, we settled in for a few hours of sleep. A good Easter. We missed church, although I did stumble upon a sunrise service on the beach when I went out for an early morning walk. The kids won't have fancy Easter pictures this year...don't think that's what it's all about, though, so it will be okay.

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