Thursday, April 1, 2010


Williamsburg in Numbers

540--the number of weapons displayed in the Governor's Palace. Cory loved them

2--The number of nails the blacksmith can pound out in a minute

At least 6--the number of refills we got on our $10 mug. Had to get our money's worth!

Greater than 20--the number of times we had to take kids to the bathroom because of the unlimited refills on drinks (were the refills, then, really worth it?)

4--the number of people in America who still make wigs by hand. She is one of the 4.

Too many to count--the number of times we had to stop for Lucy to either get rocks out of her shoes or collect rocks in her admission tag...

Notice Lucy's admission tag compared to one of the others--hers is emptied of the ticket, and in its place are her rocks.

75--today's high in Williamsburg--making it a perfect day to visit!

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