Saturday, April 10, 2010

GATLIN STS Mission update

It's been a couple of days since we've been able to post any new photos or trip details. That's because we're on vacation, and while on vacation we are making sure to spend every waking second having fun (the kids probably think this term is used out of place) and taking in the sights. That means that by the time we have the kids in bed, we only have about an hour before we, ourselves, are passed out from exhaustion. And let's face it, Ted and I, being the Type A personalities that we are, have to plan the next day, so that leaves little time for extraneous things. But for our 14 faithful followers, here's a quick post with a few pictures.

We left the beach (collective sigh) for Disney (much rejoicing from the 10 and under crowd). I loved the beach. Much more than I thought I would. Of course, we did have an ocean front condo, with a heated pool only steps from our door. If I could live like that all the time, I would. Hurricanes and all. But until then, sign me up for this vacation every year.

While on the East coast, we visited St. Augustine, the oldest European settlement in America. This really deserves a separate post. Until then, I'll tease you with this fun picture.

Thanks to our handy dandy iPhone with the geocaching app we purchased for it, we've been able to do quite a bit of geocaching, as well.

This app is really fantastic--we can geocache at the spur of the moment--checking for a cache while we're sightseeing, and then logging our find immediately after finding it. It has let us cache completely "green." The best example of this is a cache we found while eating ice cream and waiting for our trolley. Cory said, "Hmm...I wonder if there are any caches around here." Ted pulled out his iPhone on the quick draw, and checked the app. Immediately, he saw on the map that there was one right next to our park bench. And just like that, we signed the physical log, and logged our find on the electronically on the website. Bam-no papers, no research, no nothin'!

Today was our first day at a Disney park. The pictures are not yet downloaded, and there's just so much to say, that I'll save that for another day.

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