Monday, June 7, 2010

Halibut Point State Park Marks Milestone

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon visiting a state park about an hour north of here and on the coast. I had visited the park with my girlfriends when they came for a weekend in May. While there we found our 100th geocache!! Yay us.

There is a great little rock "amphitheater" where people have set up granite rock towers. There was a large slab with many rocks of various sizes that the kids called the "work station." They all tried building their own towers to the collection.

The highlight was the rocky shoreline where we were able to scramble and climb on the giant rocks.

Mary Beth loved this part of our day, and charged ahead of all of us climbing and exploring.

We only kind of got lost a on our way back to the parking...unfortunately our iphones didn't work out on the rocks and we missed another geocache on the trail we used to get back. Fiddlesticks--101 will have to wait.
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