Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Whale of a Tale

Cory recently saw Ted's fishing poles in our garage and was inspired to go fishing. Right away. For weeks he bugged us about it, and for weeks we put him off, reminding him that Daddy would need to do a few things before they'd be able to go.

Then, after we had been putting him off for quite some time, our neighbors took their boys fishing. And Cory heard about it. And after that we were toast. He continued to press, and finally Ted got the fishing license and bait so he'd have no excuse. That very night he took Cory out with our neighbors. Cory was beside himself with excitement when Ted asked his if he wanted to go fishing. Umm, yes. He was ready to go in a flash.

And he caught the group's biggest fish of the evening. He was so proud.

When he got home it was time to learn the fine art of storytelling. So, Cory, how big was the fish you caught?

This Big!

Or maybe more like this big

Or probably somewhere in between.

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