Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wrapping up the School Year

Our final field trip of the year was to an Audubon nature center in a neighboring town.
I remembered to bring binoculars but not bug spray or water bottles. Obviously I'm not a good forward thinker. Although, in my defense, I didn't decide to actually join the field trip until 10 minutes beforehand, and there were kids to ready, lunches to pack, etc., so I think my forgetfulness was due more to the fact that we were hurried and frazzled.

We found lots of critters as we walked the trails...

The kids loved trying to catch the toads/frogs, and were sometimes successful! Ewww. Better them than me

I have about 7 different pictures of the kids with the frog--and in every single one of them the little guy in the front is turned around looking at the frog--don't know if he was that curious, or a little nervous about turning his back on the frog.

I suggested the girls try to kiss the frog--you never know what might happen, right? None of them were willing to, though.

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