Sunday, June 27, 2010

Man Up!

This weekend I organized a men's ministry event for the church. We went camping at Pearl Hill State Park. One of the guys I know is a serious camper. He is a "mountain man." These are the guys that dress in period correct clothing and equipment and camp as if it is 1850. We didn't quite take it to that extreme, but he brought along lots of fun stuff for us to play with. He has things like tomahawks, flint & steel, open fire cookware. I got as many guys as I could muster and we braved the Massachusetts wilderness.

Of course we made fire - using Q's flint and steel. It's pretty neat to produce a flame with your own hand (no matches) in less than a minute. Here Steve shows he could man up and make some fire.

Our dinners were cooked over an open flame. FRI was an awesome chicken cheese and bacon masterpiece in a dutch oven. SAT was roast BEAST!.

We fished, hiked (geocached - 2 for 2 on the day - wahoo), and generally had a great time. We told stories, grew beards, and grunted a lot. It may have to be a new annual requirement for me.

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