Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amazing Base

Recently the Youth Center sponsored a Saturday morning family activity called the Amazing Base. It was a race similar to the Amazing Race, of which Ted and I are huge fans, so despite the fact that we were smack dab in the middle of a move, we decided to spend the Saturday morning having fun with our kids. Besides, prizes were involved.

So, here we are at the start--envelope in hand, ready to rip it open and follow the clues wherever they might lead

Too bad I don't have pictures during the race...we were too busy trying to WIN!! We hussled from clue to clue. Mary Beth, who has a competitive gene or two in her bones, was eager to race to each new clue box. Riley did her best to keep up with Mary Beth and Cory and I frustrated behind them that we couldn't keep up well enough! Ted tagged along with Lucy in the back for the first half, and I took her for the last couple of legs while Ted and the bigger 3 raced ahead. Must I remind you there were prizes to be won?!

In the end we came in 2nd? But the family who came in first skipped an entire set of clues, so we don't think they really count. Nevertheless, we came home with a set of speakers for an iPod/iPhone. You know, those high quality electronics that people are willing to give away (ha).


It should be disclosed that since so few people actually showed up for the Amazing Base, everyone took home a set of those high quality speakers, so it's really not that remarkable. And check out how excited Lucy is! Gotta work on that kid.

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