Saturday, July 24, 2010

Freedom Circle Lobster Fest

When I went camping with the men's group from church I discovered that a friend of a friend was a lobster fisherman. Knowing we would have out of town guests soon, I made a plan to buy a mess of fresh lobster and cook them up for the circle.
We had great weather on Thursday night. It was perfect for everyone to come out and enjoy some crustacean. I set up a special table to clean the lobsters, since I knew the kids would not be able to remove the meat themselves.

My buddy from out of town really enjoyed the cleaning station as well. We tried different methods of "opening" the lobsters. Hammers, Leathermans, Scissors, large meat cleaver knives, and even some rolling pin to get the leg meat out of the smaller legs.

It was my first lobster event, and my Internet research suggested steaming would be better than boiling (harder to overcook them when you steam them). Since I was a novice, I wanted all the help I could get to make them tasty. I borrowed a turkey fryer setup and put water in the bottom with some rocks to help raise my boiling pan out of the water. A few spices and lots of salt and BAM - yummy seafood!

We steamed 20 lobsters. The kids took turns holding them before we steamed them, and everyone seemed to enjoy the event. I had a great time putting it all together.

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