Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carnavale in Venice

Venice, during the weeks of Carnavale, is a sight to behold.  We went on what turned out to be a crazy busy day--and I hear the weekends are even worse.  Little did we know that the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (ending on Ash Wednesday) are holiday days for the Italian school children, and probably much of Italy.  On the bright side (literally), there were tons of costumes to behold throughout the town.  In gondolas, in the squares, down alleyways...

It seemed everyone was dressed in costume...even the statues!

I (Kristi) went alone and unafraid with the four kids.  I guess I wasn't totally alone--several from the homeschool group went together. But we all had our own children to wrangle, so I was wrangling mine solo. (and perhaps it's a stretch to say I was unafraid)  It was so crowded that I held Lucy through the entire city...and my biceps and forearms are sore today!!

Of course, we needed some masks, too... Cory started with this jester's cap, which was awesome, because his jingling helped me keep track of him as we navigated our way through the busy side streets and alleyways

And a stop at a restaurant for, what else, PIZZA!

I don't know how Riley managed to get this beautiful shot of a single gondola in the Grand Canal with the lovely buildings behind it...Really, there were boats and people everywhere.  I think it's a lovely picture, though...might have to have someone paint it for me.
It was a beautiful day with beautiful people.  I'm so glad I got to share this with my kids.  Next year, though, I'm not doing it alone!

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