Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sacile Parade

 Today we enjoyed a local Carnivale Parade.  In the US most people know of this time as Mardi Gras, but here it is titled Carnivale.  Some friends of ours invited us down to Sacile, a small town just a few minutes from our house, to enjoy the fun. 

Our kids were not sure what to expect.  But we convinced them to trust us on this one.  Like most holiday parades, it had kids on floats

Some dancing troupes (note the ever present boots on the women - seems like every Italian female wears boots - of course it works well with the Cowboy theme here).

 There were large floats with animated characters

And local tractors to pull John Deere in Italia...

There were marching bands (I liked this one band made up of adults, riding on a trailer in costume)

 We noticed a surprising number of American themed floats...Alice in Wonderland

A jazz float with American Flags and Betty Boop

Cory called this the "hippy" float

 Many kids dress in costume for the parade so we came prepared with Lucy's Cinderella gown

Mostly the kids enjoyed throwing confetti at the parade participants

 The kids were in turn showered with Confetti - which they picked up and threw at the adults...

And in the end it was just a giant confetti throwing party

Afterwards we enjoyed some fresh pizza and wine with our friends.  It was a great day!

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