Sunday, March 6, 2011


We've spent the past 6 weeks juggling two kids' basketball practice and game schedules.  It's all good, though.  They have such fun!

Here's some pictures of Cory--he's on Team Awesome this year:
Above:  Coach getting him ready to pass.  Cory has really done a great job this year of looking for the pass and getting the ball to his teammates.
Here Cory plays a little defense.  He had some great plays this last game, stealing the ball from the other team. 

Mary is playing for the Ballers (she thinks it's a silly name--her suggestion, the Blizzards, was for some reason dismissed).  Her coaches have been fantastic in teaching her team how to work together and play as a team.  They went from losing their first three games, to winning the last two decisively. 

 Above we have Mary Beth showing some tough defense.  Below she's protecting the ball and looking for a good pass.
She has gotten more aggessive as the season has seems to me it would be hard to play with all those boys, but she seems to LOVE it.  I, being the not-so-very-much-athletic type, just marvel at how my girl is so happy when she's competing in sports.  When she's on the court, there is pure joy on her face and she looks forward to practices as much as games. 

Next up is America's favorite pasttime--Cory is signed up for baseball.  We're glad that his practices will be outside near a park.  FUN!

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