Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I found a replacement for the yellow bomber.  It is quite a story of God's blessing.  The owners of the bomber were back in town and wanted it back for 2 weeks.  They own it so who was I to say no.  The owner then said they needed to put it in the shop for some repairs and it should be ready in a week or so (standard Italian work pace).  We juggled the schedule for a while and went with just one car.  I was starting to give up hope for a good van and settle for some small cheap fiat or alpha romeo, just as a European spec "van" appeared on the local classified ads.  It was in my price range.  I quickly called and didn't hesitate to look at it the next day.  A quick test drive around the base that would make Mario Andretti proud and I was happy to buy.  Did we mention things aren't like our last base where they worry about "speed limits." 

That same day...I was called by the repair shop saying the loaner was ready for pickup.  I also talked to the the guy who originally loaned me the bomber and he said he needed it back for a few days since once one of his cars was on the fritz (not the owner, they departed back to wherever they live).  So in God's timing it all seemed to work out.  The other twist is that in the registration process, I discovered the owner previous to the guy I bought it from, was the guy who lived in this house before us.  It is way to creepy to think about.  I emailed him and asked him who he sold his riding lawn mower to so I could just call him now and get it over with :)

The kids love being in Dad's car.  It seats 7, but there's not much room to spare between rows or seats.
It's like a funny little mini-me version of our "mini" van.  

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