Friday, December 12, 2008


Here we go again. Yet another birthday in the Gatlin household. Today is our dear boy's 5th birthday. He can hardly contain his excitement. At preschool today I stayed through Morning Circle time when we sang Happy Birthday, and then he passed out bubbles to all his friends. Then, I picked him up early from school so that he could attend a Heroes' Homecoming celebration for all the deployed troops who have returned to Hanscom in the last 6 months. Since that included his dad, I figured he should be there. Now he's eager for Daddy to get home from work so he can open his presents...the waiting is killing him! Tonight he has requested Backwards Dinner...we'll wear our clothes backwards and start dinner with his birthday cake. Then, tomorrow he's having a few friends over for a Pirate Birthday party.

Lest Cory feel left out...


1. He sleeps even when Lucy's crying in their room at night

2. He loves to help me cook

3. He is both tough and tenderhearted

4. He's a daredevil

5. He's our BOY!

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