Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristi!

December is just full of fun for the Gatlin family. Kristi ends the family rush on those kinds of days. She gets a raw deal usually. It's close to Christmas, everyone is burnt out on Gatlin Birthday fun, and most people are low on cash and sometimes just combine gifts. I try not to let any of those happen and make her day as special as I can.

I won't list 30-something reasons she is great (because I don't like sleeping on the couch) but I'll mention a few

- She is a whiz at all things wordy - just challenge her to a boggle match and see who wins

- She loves Dr Pepper - near to my heart

- She remembers all my family's dates, anniversaries, birthdays and such - better than any day-planner
- She packs up her life every few years and goes with my on this crazy military family adventure
- She's the most thoughtful mother I know

- She finds me funny (unlike the kids - see Blog title)

I love her to death and THANK God for her every day. Kristi you ROCK!

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